Monster black marlin

Cabo San Lucas fishing report July 19th 2017.

Monster Black Marlin weighing in at a jaw dropping 448lbs was reeled in by semi pro woman Angler Valerie Sutton-Jackson this past Tuesday July 18, 2017 out of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico while on our way out to the East Cape. Captain Julian Liquidano Garcia, Captain Jobe Villavicencio, Captain Eduardo Liquidano, Valerie and Chuck Baker  were set on an adventurous 3-day fishing trip when surprisingly coming across a patch of beautiful blue water, ideal for big game fish! Captain and crew decided to sew up a few bait, set out some teaser lines and troll a bit to see if anything would bite along this area before reaching their final destination. Surly enough just over 45min and we’re hooked on a Blue Marlin! We did not have a chance to weight this catch as we quickly released it after taking a few pictures, but it looked to be about 350lbs (will post pics soon) like 30 minutes after that a striped marlin started going off on one of the teasers so Jobe graved a live bait and cast it right next to the marlin, the marlin went right for it so it was on! Chuck started fighting that lit up marling to release it after about 15 minutes, like about 2 hours  later Julian spotted another striped marlin on top of the water so he told Jobe and got the boat right to it, by that time Jobe was already on the vow with live bait on a hook so he cast it right to it and it was on again for Chuck he fought it for about 20 minutes to release it back in the Ocean, Not even 45 minutes later  a pod of dolphins! Any and every angler’s eyes light up as they come across a nice pod of dolphins as this means big game fish along the area. Captain and crew brought on their best game in search for a trophy fish along this area, thats when they started catching yellowfin tunas, like about 3 at a time so by this time they were all saying to each other how great of a day was when they were not even close to the area they were supposed to go to. A few days back Valerie had mention about how great her fishing experience has been in Cabo and that the only trophy fish she need it to catch to finish her list was a black marlin so the crew told her we will get one for you soon Valerie as they were trolling their way to the East Cape, all of the sudden a huge black marlin starts hitting one of the teasers with it bill, Captain Jobe graved a live bait and cast it right next to the marlin as Captain Julian from the top was reeling in the teaser and thats when the huge black marlin eat the bait got hooked  and the little lady Valerie reeled in this 448lbs Black Marlin trophy fish (featured above) using a Shimano 25 talica in just over 20min! A true accomplishment in the sportfishing industry. Filled with excitement, captain, crew and anglers decided to turn back to Cabo while having reached only 1/4 of their original fishing trip itinerary. Goes to show just how rich in fish and adventure our waters out here in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico can be.

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Cabo fishing reports

Cabo fishing report May 28/ 2017

Cabo fishing reports.
A few pictures of yesterday’s (May 26, 2017) fishing trip.
It’s that time of the year again and water temperatures are rising, bringing along our biggest game fish.We caught a 384lb blue marlin on board 45ft Cabo with Captain Julian Liquidano Garcia, Captain, Eduardo liquidano, Captain Jobe Villavicencio, Owners Chuck Baker and Valerie Sutton-Jackson Marlin which was caught yesterday March 26, 2017.
Pictures taken by Arturo Chacon

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 12.31.22 PMScreen Shot 2017-05-27 at 12.36.21 PM
We have been catching yellowfin tuna most of them small but here and there we have been catching big ones, also plenty of dorados, big wahoos, striped marlin and as you see on the pictures we caught our first Blue marlin of the season. If you are planing on getting down to Cabo within the next few moths, You should really go fishing summer is the best time for big game fishing in Cabo San Lucas.

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Cabo Fishing Report from April 10th to April 13th

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 3.39.18 PM

Undoubtedly, April is one of the greatest months for sports fishing in Cabo San Lucas. And this week was no exception. The weather was clear with periodic clouds which made game fishing even more fun, and less of a challenge as we didn’t have to battle it out with the harsh climate.

The average temperature was approximately around 27°C with low humidity at 51 percent and no precipitation. Let us tell you here that generally in April, in Cabo San Lucas, there is virtually no rainfall. Though it was slightly windy, with winds blowing at 16 km per hour, it kept us cool during the daytime so we pretty much enjoyed the weather conditions as they were ideal for bending the rods and catching some great game fish bite.

This week, we headed off-shore with a convoy of 10 yacht charters and a large group of avid anglers waiting to indulge in Cabo San Lucas sea action. At this time of the month, off-shore fishing in Cabo produces a good Striped Marlin and Wahoo bite. And that’s exactly what we found under the sea when we hit the shores.

What we loved about this week’s sports fishing in Cabo San Lucas was the fact that we got tons of opportunities to catch big Wahoos. These are about 8 feet long and weigh about 100 pounds. That’s massive!!

But wait, besides the size, as we mentioned previously, Wahoo fish are speedsters, and possibly one of the toughest pelagic predators to catch. They have the ability to streak through the waters upward of 60 mph and they fight similar to a wounded rhino. It’s crazy but absolutely fun for pro and adventurous sports fishing anglers alike. Catching these big speedsters is no less than an achievement.

The clear weather played a pivotal role in our amazing Wahoo catch success rate. We could clearly see the waters and Wahoo cruising sub-surface. This helped us put baits in their target zones and rig them up to catch a great Wahoo bite for everyone to enjoy during dinner.

During this week, we also found a good Yellow Fin Tuna bite and occasionally came across Dorado. It was absolutely a joy to be at sea this week just like last week and we can’t wait to hit the sea again next week. The anticipation of what will we find under the deep waters next week is making us super excited.

Best Types of Lures Used for Cabo San Lucas Sports Fishing

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 5.15.38 PM

The idea of catching big game fish from the deep waters is thrilling. But this is easier said than done. That’s right, to land a big game fish like Stripped Marlin, Roosterfish or Big Yellow Fin Tuna, sports fishing enthusiasts should be well-equipped with all the items like rods, navigation devices, leaders, reels, baits and lures.

When gearing up for a great time at sea, people who are sports fishing for the first time often get confused with which lure to buy as there is a huge variety of fishing lures available in the market. In today’s Cabo San Lucas fishing report, we’ll be providing you with all the information that you need about the best types of lures available, so continue reading….

Best Lures for Cabo San Lucas Sports Fishing

Here are some of the best types of lures that are used by anglers for trolling, teasing and catching different species of game fish of different sizes found in the waters of Cabo San Lucas.

  • Jigs

Available in multiple colors, a jig features a weighted head made from zinc or lead. The heavy head of this lure ensures that it stays in the right position after casting, increasing your chances of attracting fish and catching a bite. Jigs are quite versatile and can be dressed with feathers, fake insects, bait fish and rubber worms which also help conceal hooks.

To catch a bite with jigs, it is extremely important that you know how to use them. Once you cast it, you need to make sure that it hops. Make the jig hop by lifting the rod’s tip and then lowering it. This technique helps attract almost all types of game fish (especially Big Yellow Fin Tuna), which is probably why it is considered as the best way to tease big fish resting at the bottom of the water.

  • Hard Body Lures

When targeting marine species like Marlin, Tuna or Dorado, consider using hard body and rubber skirted trolling lures. These lures can mimic live baits and are proven to entice game fish species to bite on your line.

  • Spinners

Featuring a spinning-blade, dressable hook and metal shaft, this lure is widely used by anglers in low light conditions and when water clarity is an issue. After casting, fishing enthusiasts drag this lure in the water. The dragging movement makes the blade spin, which creates sound and vibration in the water, much needed to attract prey. When the fish hears the sound and feels the presence of this lure, it begins to come closer, making it easier for you to catch.

  • Spoon Lures

These lures have a unique curved-metal construction, featuring one, two or three hooks. The curved shape of the lure makes it move side-to-side and has a slow forward motion. This type of motion resembles the movement of injured bait fish which encourages big game fish to come closer and investigate it. And that gives anglers the perfect chance to hook and catch a big game fish! 

Cabo San Lucas Sports Fishing—Cruise Ship or Yacht Charter

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 2.07.21 PMScreen Shot 2017-01-13 at 7.55.34 PM

Are you planning to go to Cabo San Lucas on vacations and experience the thrill of sports fishing? If yes, then that’s great because there’s a wide variety of game fish bite that you can catch inshore and offshore, here in Cabo San Lucas! But wait, have you decided about your sea ride? Would you be hitting the sea in a cruise ship or charter a luxury yacht? If you haven’t decided yet and can’t make up your mind, then allow us to help you out.

Cruise Ship vs. Yacht Charter—Weigh Your Options

It’s said that it pays to weigh your options, and we couldn’t agree more! Here are some common factors that we have selected on which we’ll help you evaluate the two options available at your disposal so that it’s easier for you to make a confident and an informed choice:

Factor 1—Privacy

Hands down, in comparison to a cruise ship, a luxury yacht charter offers more privacy. You can explore the sea and enjoy sports fishing and other water sports with the people you know and love, like your friends and family. However, on a cruise ship, you can’t enjoy this level of privacy as the capacity of a cruise ship usually exceeds 3,000 passengers. Simply stated, it’s just too crowded.   

Factor 2—Control and Freedom

Chartering a yacht gives you unmatched freedom and control when it comes to organizing shore excursions and planning your sports fishing schedule. However, you can’t simply do that if you choose to ride the waves on a cruise ship primarily because outings on cruise ships are pre planned and so are the itineraries. And more importantly, if you choose to go on a cruise ship to explore Cabo San Lucas, then you’ll have to make sure that you comply with the rules, otherwise you’ll be left on the shore.

With a charter yacht, you get a chance to plan your own day and course as you like. However, the only constraint is that you need to return the chartered yacht on the agreed time and location.

Factor 3—Crew and Service

If you want to enjoy a personalized service and have access to a dedicated crew with a private chef who can prepare delicious meals on-demand by the sea for you and your friends, then yacht charter is your best bet. You can never enjoy this level of service on a cruise ship.

If you’re thinking of chartering a yacht, then look no further! Browse through our wide range of luxury yachts. You’ll be amazed with the variety of options that we have for you, and more importantly, the chartering prices are also very economical. We strive to provide you a luxurious chartering experience without breaking your budget because we want you to have the best time while game fishing, and go back home with great memories.