Kite fishing

Kite fishing is absolutely my favored ways to catch yellowfin tuna off Cabo San Lucas,  in the wintertime and its definitely a set of skills which keeps you on your toes. The rigs you use are just as important as the hardware and there are a lot of selections with regards to big league kite fishing gear. For that matter, breaking fragile kite fishing equipment is unavoidable and in most instances a lot more goes wrong than right with regards to flying two kites in rough seas. We have learned to kite fish in virtually any fishable condition, and my goal here’s to illustrate many of the techniques we’ve utilized with great success throughout the years.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 3.39.18 PM

The Standard Cabo San Lucas Kite fishing Rig – This was the original kite fishing rig which has been utilized since the late 70s. Basically, it requires minimal rigging in a world where technical know how can mean the distinction between hooking fish in tough sea conditions or going home empty handed. The rig is straightforward, effective, and reliable. Whether you are rigging a line with two or 3 baits you need to use top quality release clips, a strong main line, and the strongest swivels you may get. Kite Hunter and Blacks are great kiting rigging kits that you could buy at almost any reputable tackle on line store.             Kite clip kit

Some might balk and say 3 baits is a bit much to manage but MAN UP! Most pleasure boats fish SIX baits at any time so learn to fish three. Most large charter boats and pro rigged center consoles fish two kites with up to six baits, flying kites off the riggers using stainless steel rings to keep the spread wide and controlled. Still, there are many lessons to be learned from this orientation and if you are up for the challenge, you can build a tournament winning spread for just under $3000.00. If you are dead set on fishing like the pros, you’ll have to invest in the gear first. Rigging the kite lines is basically the same, but the orientation of the gear inside the boat and how you run the lines is the key difference.

If you are an Angler and would like to go kite fishing in cabo San Lucas ! make sure you charter from Tag cabo Sportfishing fleet.

They have been kite fishing for years and you can actually follow them on facebook to watch them live streaming wile they are fishing. Fishing in Cabo


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