Cabo fishing reports

Yesterday we went out on board the Tailchaser with captain Julian and deck hand Alejandro looking for stripped marlin and dorado (mahi-mahi). We decided to go to the Golden Gate Bank because the water temperature was perfect to find stripped Marlin there.

On our way to the Golden Gate Bank, we found two humpback whales breaching out of the water repeatedly so we decided to get really close to them and enjoy whale watching for a few minutes which was such a majestic moment to witness a giant bridging out of the water and slamming into the water so hard making a loud sound.

After whale watching for a few minutes, we kept going towards our destination, in about a mile before we got right to the Golden Gate Bank we started trolling dead bait.

As we got right outside the bank, we ran into a school of dorados (mahi-mahi)and managed to catch 3 big dorados and one of them won the fight by breaching out of the water then releasing itself from the hook.

These happen around 7:30 in the morning so we started off the day in a really awesome way.

After that we kept on going towards the fishing Bank getting a few strikes on the dead bait with out getting hooked.

Around 8 a.m. we manage to hook a stripped Marlin.

As we started fighting the striped Marlin that we had hooked, we saw that a few lit up marlins were around the boat, as soon as captain Julián saw all the Marlin around us he screamed to Alejandro to cast a live bait into the water and hand it over to him so that he can cast another one and they can both hook a couple more Marlins.

So as Sheryl (current customer) was fighting a stripped Marlin Captain Julian and first mate Alejandro manage to hook another two Martins, By this time we had 3 super happy customers fighting their own Marlin at the same time.

We released all three Marlins and the customers were just jumping of joy high-fiving each other celebrating and they couldn’t believe what have happened, you could literally see the adrenaline on their faces.

All these happened so early in the morning that we kept trolling our dead bait to attract more Marlin.

It was a bit slow for about an hour and a half then it happen again.

We hooked a Marlin with the dead bait that we were trolling and as we start fighting the Marlin we saw again a bunch of lit up Marlins surrounding our boat.

So captain Julian and deck hand Alejandra did the same thing again,they casted some live bait into the water and hooked up two other Marlins.

So by the this time of the day we had already two Triple hookups.

Marlins usually stay on top of the water so when we fight them we start following them and we usually catch and release them within 15 to 35 minutes.

But when we catch multiple Marlins we cannot follow one of the Marlins and let the other Marlins get away.

So the client’s the fight the Marlins while on a multiple hook up they really have to really in the Marlin without us following it and making it easier.

Since by this time we have card three Dorados and release 6 striped Marlins in our clients where hungover they decided they have had their workout for the day and they wanted to head back to the resort.

We are so blessed down here in Cabo San Lucas to have such wealthy oceans surrounding us, that it doesn’t matter what time of the year and Angler chooses to fly in and go catch their trophy fish we always can go out there in land that’s so anticipated fish.

And yes fishing is fishing not catching but like I just mention there is no other part in the world where you can go outing to the ocean all year around and have a 95% success rate like we do out here in Cabo San Lucas.

All you have to do is go with the right fishing guides so they can put you right on top of the fish and you can have a great fishing trip.

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Thank you very much to all our fans for all the support from your friend down here in Cabo San Lucas Arturo Chacon.