Going back in sportfishing time.

oldest-painting-of-a-anlger-with-a-fishing-reelDid you know that the oldest record of literary that we can find of an Angler using a rod with a reel is this painting. Call (Angler on the Wintry) painted in 1195 by Ma Yuan, if you look close, you will see that a guy is sitting on a small boat holding a rod with a reel on it while casting out his fishing line.

Fishing reels began to commercialize around the 18th century in England by a man named Onesimus Ustonson. He started selling fishing related product in 1730,  and by 1761 he established his trading shop and remained the leader of the trade for the next century. He later became the supplier of fishing tackle for King Gorge IV.

Some have said that the fishing reel was Onesimus invention but the painting above is proof that he was not. Although he was certainly the first to successfully market fishing products. The predominant fishing reel model in the 18th century was (Nottingham).

Tackle design improve drastically in the 1880s, thats when wooden reels were introduce and it made it possible to used silk lines, instead of horse hair like Anglers were used too. these new silk lines allowed a longer and better casting distance.


In modern day sportfishing, reels come in all sizes in order to best accommodate different fishing techniques depending on what or where you will be fishing. Looking back at how far we have come in regards to sportfishing, anglers are now able to build, personalize and create their own dream fishing boat/yacht. Allowing them to not only fish off their boat/yacht, but are now able to comfortably live and work as well. We can only excitingly wait to see what the future holds for us anglers and sportfishing!


By Arturo Chacon


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